Let Love Be A Part of Your Life

1“Love God with your heart, with your soul, with your strength, and your mind.”

Never forget to love yourself and love others. Be always willing to share your love with other people most especially to those who do not seem to feel this before. Fill in the emptiness in their hearts. Make them feel that they have a part in this world.

Make them feel a sense of belongingness. Nurture them with your love and care. Most importantly, you have to love God. He deserves our love.

As it was written in the Scriptures, “Love God with your heart, with your soul, with your strength, and your mind.” God desires us to love like this. Hence, we must consider this as our main responsibility in life. Make God as your number one priority in your life.

Love is a wonderful feeling any person could ever experience. With this, everything may seem right; everything may appear to be perfect. Be always ready to love and receive love. Be always willing to let someone experience its magic. The power of prophecy can help you experience this kind of love.

Do not hinder love to be part of your life and to be part of other people’s life. Spread the love in the world. Be a part in making everyone happy with the miracle of love. Nothing can ever go wrong with this feeling. Let Bishop Jordan and Zoe Ministries let you feel the love that God has been wanting to give you by clicking here.

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