Learn to love yourself through a Personal Prophecy

Self esteem can be at the root of your success. However it can also be at the root of your failure. Without self esteem you will find it hard to interact with others, find love and do well at work. When you have the love of God and understand he sees the beauty and good in you it can help boost your self esteem and help you learn to love yourself. A personal prophecy is a tool you can use to help improve your self esteem using faith and God’s love to guide you.

indexA personal prophecy takes a message from God and delivers it directly to you. Bishop Jordan is a true prophet who can connect you with God and help you discover what God has in store for you. Some people are fearful of learning God’s plan, but there is no need to be fearful. A personal prophecy is a message that helps you take the steps required to handle life’s latest challenges.

When you find yourself at an impasse in life and are filled with self doubt, you need something to give you a boost and regain faith in yourself. Many religions teach that God is within you, and in fact is you. When you live with God in your heart he does become your self esteem. You can love yourself because you understand how much God loves you and you will see your true worth. A personal prophecy can help enhance how God wants to help you and allow you to feel good about your self and to believe you can accomplish what God wants of you.

Do not be worried that God will hand you a monstrous task. God’s plans are simple and easy to accomplish as long as you are willing to listen. You have an immediate step you must take as well as many steps that will follow. A personal prophecy often provides you with a clear picture of what you should do next, be it to free yourself of debt or acknowledging a gift or talent and putting it to good use. It depends on what you are missing in life and what questions you need answered.

Through personal prophecy you will learn to love yourself and have the confidence to follow the path God has for you.