Learning to give into your Faith

Bishop Jordan is blessed as he knows he walks with God. When you choose to follow in the footsteps of Jesus you are given a gift that is worth more than any other gift in the world. You have the gift of faith. It can be hard to completely surrender yourself to your faith as it is hard to imagine relinquishing control. However your spirit will be free and your heart will be full and only then will you understand the joy that faith can bring to your life.

imagesYou might be familiar with the song “Jesus Take the Wheel”. This is a perfect example of giving into your faith. Of course it is meant as a metaphor, not actually taking your hands off the driving wheel. It means that you have given into your faith and have realized it is your faith that can ultimately guide you along the right path.

Jesus lived his life with love in his heart. By living with love in your heart you are showing others the way of God. You do not have to preach the word of God. Instead you must live it. How hard it must seem at first. Deciding that you will not live passing judgement, but instead living with tolerance. Deciding that you will not live with jealousy, but instead admiration. Deciding you will not live with hate, but instead with love.

Love is the strongest and most powerful tool in your emotional arsenal. When you love you become stronger. Unconditional love of your children teaches them to grow up to love purely and honestly. When you love friends you show them they are good and deserving of your support. When you love another and commit to spend your life with them you show them they are worthy and deserving of happiness.

Knowing that love contains such power allows you to see what strength faith must have. Faith is believing in God’s love which is unconditional. Love that comes without any strings attached and where nothing is asked for in return does not exist in any other place than the hearts of those with faith. Bishop Jordan wants you to know that pure love allows you to give into your faith and reap the rewards of God’s Love.

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