Obeying His Word

1The bible has presented us about the things that God desires as well as the things that He dislikes. The bible must be taken seriously as it is meant to talk to us. The bible has offered us ways on how to live our life righteously, which are all according to God’s will. God’s teachings and commandments do not only talk about your friends, neighbor, family, but it always talks about you.

Do not just be hearers where you will just focus and pay attention to God’s words but be doers as well. God wants you to obey what are written in the bible. You have to know and understand God’s words by heart and do what He is asking you to do.

You have to apply His teachings in your life. He has stated in the bible things like how to serve and love Him, how to obey our parents, and how to have a positive relationship with other people. You must obey these words by evidently applying it in our life.

You will be more blessed by God if you know how to obey His words. Zoe Ministries can guide and help you understand His words.When you focus on fixing your eyes on God, you will feel that everything in your life seem to be in the right order.On the other hand, God will also show you the path when you seem lost and confused.When you do what God desires you to do, you will feel that you are somehow removing the excess burden that you may be carrying which may be making life appear to be more difficult. Obeying what is being told by God will make things a lot easier for you.

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