Set sail to success

1Where is your life going today? What target are you set on hitting? Where are your sails pointed? In order to achieve success in the modern world you have to pursue your passions with dedication and hard-work. You must be convinced not only that you want to achieve your goal but that you can in fact achieve it without question. In other words you have to set aside the doubt that plagues every person at the beginning of their adventure.

Taking risks is part of achieving dreams. If you don’t choose to take risks then you strand yourself in a safe environment. The longer you keep your decisions ‘safe’ the harder it will be for you to finally take a leap in the direction that your heart tells you to go. Bishop Jordan, the author of many inspirational books about teachings in prophecy, positivity and fulfillment in life, tells us that success is always without our reach. He says that you can think yourself into achieving what you want most. He says that your journey starts in your mind. Once you are able to develop a confident mindset you are well on your way to achieving your goal.

Bishop Jordan tells us that there is nothing that we cannot achieve in God. That is why he continues to give Free Written Prophecy to people. In bringing the word of God to the world, he sparks the inner purpose and potential of each one. Try a Free Written Prophecy today and see how God has paved your way to success. Your life is meant for great things and prophecy can point you in the right direction. CLICK HERE!

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