Your Awareness Matters

God is attracted to awareness. As you become more and more aware of God’s presence in you, you attract more and more of His presence. Awareness is the energy that pulls Him closer to you. Once you embrace His presence on the inside, it shows on the outside.

When you bring God into the consciousness of the experience, He is all that there is. Awareness builds your faith. When you are aware of how God operates, of what pleases God, and His purpose, you begin to change your mindset, your thoughts and your actions. On the other hand, your ignorance of God makes you miss out. Your lack of awareness gives Satan the power to deceive you.

God said to seek first His kingdom, because He knows it protects you and it empowers you to know Him more (Mt. 6:33). Do you feel loved and understood when someone makes the effort to get to know you more? God is the same way. It is how we show Him our love.  Dedicate your days to knowing more about God and to seeking His presence. Instead of toiling away and worrying your mind about getting rich, dedicate everything you do to the Lord. There is a guaranteed difference that you will see in your life.


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What level of awareness do you have about God’s blessings and plans for your life?