God is Your Source

The greater your understanding of Spirit as the Source, Substance, and Activity of your supply, the deeper the etching of the truth into your consciousness. We often become enslaved by money, and then it doesn’t work for us. The principle of it begins to work against us, instead, because we give our power away to an idol. You’re only going to get out of this economic downturn through consciousness. There is no other way. It doesn’t matter who is in office or how much you like him or don’t like him, trust him or don’t trust him. The president has nothing to do with your financial situation. No one can take you out of this depression. You have to go through consciousness.


Have you ever wondered why books like, The Laws of Thinking and The Secret started coming out at a time when the country was at the peak of prosperity? It was because God wanted people to say, “Listen. The answer is not outside, my friend. The answer is blowing in the wind inside. It’s within you. It’s the law of attraction. It’s the law of thinking. As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”


God was preparing those who chose to listen. For those of you who chose to listen, the banks are not your reality. You don’t put your reality and your trust in the realm of form. You stay plugged in and connected to the Source. While many pastors and leaders are afraid to ask for a $1,000 seed, Zoe Ministries is not. Zoe Ministries will ask for a $10,000 seed. Why? Because we know that when you’re connected to the Source, you don’t become bothered by the conditions and you don’t feel limitation.


Are all of these real-world conditions occurring? Yes, they are. We’re not denying that they exist. But we are denying their right to exist in our world.  This brings us to another level of thinking. On this level, we begin to see ourselves evolve.


People have looked for wealth and prosperity in so many get-rich-quick schemes, and

even if they do get a load of money at first, they end up where they began. Unless, you address what is inside, you’ll continue to go back to being broke or in debt.


Abraham was not oblivious to the fact that he was old and his wife was barren. He acknowledged these realities, just like you can acknowledge that you are in debt or that you are fighting hard to make ends meet. The difference is the power of this reality. How powerful is this reality for you? Do you understand this reality to dictate the future or do you understand God’s power in you to transform your circumstances? Do you finally realize that you are connected to the Source and that all you need to do is let go of everything that blocks the flow of blessings into your life?

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With the way you are dealing with your finances, what does your actions say about who your source is?