Feeling FIRST comes from faith

Rebekah experienced a prophetic demonstration in the birthing room with Jacob’s catching of Esau’s heel. It was something the father probably didn’t see. At that time, men were not involved in the birthing process the way they are now. In a way, then, it was done in secret.

Rebekah was the only one who knew. But that which is done in secret, God brings out into the open. Those prophetic words we receive are demonstrations of things that are going to happen to us and for us if we just catch the feeling of that thing and hold on.

Rebekah had to hold onto that feeling from the day Jacob was born until the day he matured. The feeling had to grow in Jacob, even if he was making excuses about why he shouldn’t take Esau’s place. He was ready to get the venison, but his excuse, born of fear, was, I don’t feel like him. I’m a smooth man. Some of you know who and what you are supposed to be, but you’ve never had the guts to feel “I AM.”

What do you feel you are supposed to be? All your life you know what this is. You had this feeling growing up. You may have neglected, rejected, or deserted this feeling because life just tried to beat this feeling out of you.

Rebekah had to hold on to the feeling for a long time before it came to a fruition. In the same way, God is doing His part to keep this feeling alive within you. Are you doing the same? Or, are you the one who’s putting this feeling out? Remember what it is you feel you’ve always meant to be growing up. You don’t have to be ashamed if it is connected with wealth and prosperity, because let me tell you the truth, you were always meant to be wealthy and prosperous.


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Evaluate the current state of your heart right now. What do you feel about the things you are praying about?

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