Unveiling the Prophetic Essence: Spiritual Substance

In cultures worldwide, the understanding of spiritual substance emerged independently. Ancients called it “the ether,” a product of the mind, distinct from modern scientists’ chemical ether.

Biblical Prefiguration of the Ether

Fillmore presents Isaiah 34:4 as evidence, prefiguring the ether: “The host of heaven shall dissolve, and the heavens shall roll as a scroll.”

The Infinite Kingdom of God

Fillmore reveals the infinite supply as the universal ether, the vast kingdom of God. Jesus foresaw this and named it “the kingdom of the heavens.” It’s not just an afterlife inheritance but an attainable estate. Luke 12:32 affirms, “Do not fear, little flock, for your Father gives you the kingdom.”

Manifestations of Infinite Supply

Jesus exemplified how God’s infinite substance manifests as an abundant supply. He multiplied food, transformed drink, healed tormented minds, and raised Lazarus, foreshadowing his own resurrection.

God’s Provision for Every Creature

Jesus’s demonstrations proved God’s meticulous provision for every creature. Even the most minor daily needs are met. Fillmore asserts that our lack results from failing to connect with the boundless source and tap into infinite supply.

The prophetic word reveals the essence of spiritual substance—an etheric energy transcending cultures aligned with biblical prefigurations. It is the infinite kingdom of God, accessible here and now. Jesus’s teachings and miracles demonstrate the transformative power of this substance, urging us to connect with the limitless source and experience abundant provision. Let’s embrace this truth and unlock boundless blessings from the divine wellspring.

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