God’s Prophetic Supply for Man

In the enchanting words of Charles Fillmore’s timeless work, “Prosperity” (1936), we are reminded of the profound truth that a wise, benevolent, and competent Creator possesses the innate ability to fulfill the needs of His cherished creations. Throughout every stage of growth and development, it is perfectly logical to assume that this divine supply will be readily available as long as the creature earnestly seeks to harness it.

The All-Encompassing Supply

In the same way that the Creator provides necessary sustenance for creatures with physical needs, He also bestows essential provisions upon those with higher needs—whether emotional, mental, or spiritual—at every stage of their journey. Fillmore reveals the profound concept that the Creator’s divine will effortlessly transform a single primal spiritual substance into various forms, perfectly catering to the multifaceted requirements of His beloved creature. This substance encompasses physical goods, emotional healing, intellectual enlightenment, financial abundance, and spiritual fulfillment.

The Divine Seed Substance

In His infinite wisdom, our heavenly Father has blessed His creation with a universal seed substance. This remarkable substance remains attuned to the consciousness of humankind, responding to our unwavering faith in its boundless capacity. Whether this seed substance resides in physical form or lies latent within the realm of thought, our steadfast belief in its unlimited potential never fails to reward us with the abundant fruits of our labor.

The Farmer’s Faith

Fillmore draws inspiration from the agricultural realm, illustrating the profound correlation between faith and increase. Farmers trust their seeds to grow and provide an abundant harvest. Furthermore, the miraculous multiplication of these seeds is made possible by the vivifying life force of the Spirit.

The Quickening Life of Spirit

This illustrative example sheds light on an essential truth—whether a material, psychological, or spiritual increase, every manifestation of substance hinges upon the quickening life of Spirit. It is within this revelation that we discover the pivotal key to our mental processes. This key can simplify and expand our use of abundant resources with a spiritual approach.

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