The Dynamic “Heavens” Revealed

According to Fillmore, the New Testament, written in Greek, differs in its use of language. Jesus, in his gospel teachings, referred to the “heavens” rather than a singular “heaven.” This revelation unveils that Jesus was not speaking of a distant realm called “heaven” but rather illuminating the properties of the “heavens” surrounding us—what physicists term “space” and “ether.”

The Kingdom Within

Jesus aimed to teach his disciples about the nature of spiritual substance and its inherent intelligence. He emphasized that the governing force of this spiritual substance resides within each of us, proclaiming, “The kingdom of God is within you” (Lk. 17:21).

Attaining the Kingdom of the Heavens

Fillmore asserts that Jesus described the kingdom of the heavens through parables and made its attainment the ultimate purpose of human existence. Jesus set this as humanity’s paramount goal and achieved it himself, demonstrating the practicality and metaphysical truth of his teachings.

The Mysterious Marvels of Space

Modern science uncovers the astounding truth that the heavens are not void but brimming with electric charges, magnetism, light rays, X-rays, cosmic rays, and enigmatic radiations. It reveals that space, the “ether” according to Fillmore, may be the wellspring of all life. The materials composing our planet, even Earth itself, are believed to have originated from meteoric bodies from outer space.

Space: The Interpenetrating Essence

In essence, space, or ether as Fillmore describes it, permeates everything on Earth. It holds the essence of traditional heavenly attributes, as science indirectly ascribes them to space without explicitly stating so.

The prophetic word uncovers the dynamic nature of the “heavens,” as elucidated by Jesus. These heavens encompass the surrounding “space” and “ether” that science reveals as charged with energy and the source of life itself. Jesus emphasized the kingdom’s presence within us, urging us to attain its profound significance. Let us embrace this revelation and explore the vast wonders within the interpenetrating essence of space.

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