The Distinction of a “Multidunous Harvest”

When giving becomes a habitual practice very mysterious things will begin to happen in your life. You will suddenly notice you went through a whole year without a head cold; you will not be able to remember the last time you bought medication. You will notice that your children no longer get ill. You will start going through three years and four years and you will notice that you’ve not even received a doctor’s bill. You’ll have to force yourself to go to the doctors just for a checkup. Suddenly, you will begin to notice that in the fifth or sixth year someone is sending you a letter stating your child’s education has been paid in full.


Understand this, the harvest comes in so many different ways and directions, but sometimes we do not know how to identify a harvest when it shows up. You need to be trained to recognize the harvest when it comes. It may not always show up in money. But it will always have a value equal to or far greater than money. Harvests show up in all kinds of different packages. When giving becomes a way of life for you, then you have no problem with getting or shall I say, receiving.


Receiving will become a way of life for you. Lay not treasures up. Do not lay treasures up on this plain. Your heavenly bank account far excels what your earthly bank account can demonstrate. Givers enjoy a level of harvest that most people cannot explain. It’s called the harvest of God’s favor. Another way of looking at it is as the multitudinous harvest—consisting of many parts. The level and quality of the life that I live, I am only living because of my giving.


No man is responsible for my lifestyle. It is not because of you that I am living the way I do.  My harvest is only in sequential order with the laws of the universe.  I am going to ask you, how are you living? Your answer should be, I am living because of my giving. If you are not giving, you are not living. There are so many people that want to get more in life, but in order for getting to be a way of life, you have to commit to a lifestyle of giving. Begin the journey of giving a witness the amazing return of joy, peace, happiness, and unlimited supply coming toward you from every direction.


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How can you increase your level of giving and living this week?

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