You Were Not Born for Tears

Does your tears move God? Tears alone will not move God.  God is not really moved by your tears. That is why I am not so thrilled about altar calls. A lot of people crying at the altar are crying because they got caught doing something they shouldn’t have been doing. You have to understand, tears have never moved God, and tears should not move you either. When someone uses tears to provoke you to action, they are manipulating your humanity.

I do not trust anything with tears, because so many people are full-time actors and actresses. Do not become moved by people’s tears. It is all a part of acting class. Man cries because he or she has become out of alignment with God. As long as you are in alignment with God you will never have a need to cry about anything. You will know most intuitively that everything is already all right because you and God are at oneness. God wants you to be at peace with Him and humanity.  Being at peace, and at oneness with God will only happen when you are in right consciousness, a right frame of mind.


People cry when they are hurting and they seemingly cannot do anything about it. They cry when they have exhausted all of their efforts and perhaps resources and now they are left with nothing much with which to move forward. This leads them to desperate measures.  Why do people rob banks, do drugs, violate women, abuse children, neglect their families, or just commit to a lifestyle of crime? They do it because they are desperate!

Early in life they learned those skills from their mother.  Since manipulation does not control God and you are god, it should neither control you. Many people use manipulation to get what they want in life.  This may work for a while, but it like other coercive tactics will soon come to an end. There is no way you can live a lifestyle of manipulation and have faith in God at the same time. You don’t have to manipulate your way into something that God has promised to freely give you. Subconsciously, many of us do not have a real trust in God. It is going to take a changing of the mind, in order to effectuate lasting change in the area of trust.



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What are the things you were unaware you were manipulating God with?

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