Stop Hanging Around the Past

You only go back to a place if something has been left undone at that place. When you master the place, then you move on from that level of glory to the next. Stop hanging around first principles when it is time to move on to the next season. I am the Lord thy God, which teacheth thee to profit, which leadeth thee by the way that thou shouldest go. You could be led by a way that you should go, which also means that there is a way you should not go. If ye be willing and obedient, … If ye be willing and obedient. Some of you are willing but you are saying the hell with obedience. Some of you are obedient, but you are saying, the hell with willingness.


That means, you cannot just be obedient and pay tithes, you have to be willing to pay tithes. There is a difference. Some people pay tithes out of fear of going to hell so they pay out of obedience. However, if they found out that they should pay tithes, and there was not any punishment for not paying them, they’d probably stop.  They would become unwilling. Don’t do things in life out of fear. Think about the benefits. You cannot pay tithes and give under protest. What you give, you keep; what you hold onto, you lose. In Alcoholics Anonymous or drug anonymous programs, they tell you that, in order to keep your sobriety, you have to give it away. That is why they tell people to make meetings and talk about what they have been through, because they have to give their testimony away. In order to keep their sobriety, they have to remember.


Do you remember Israel? That is why they kept the Passover, to remember. Why? They remembered so that they wouldn’t go back into the bondage of Egypt. Therefore, you do not keep your victory until you give away what you have had concerning your victory. You only keep what you share; you lose what you withhold. Therefore, if I want to keep hundreds of dollars in my pocket, I have to keep giving hundreds of dollars. I can’t hoard it. Here’s a miracle— because you kept participating in the law of giving, you kept activating the law of getting. If you keep doing it, eventually you are going to start to notice the accumulation factor.


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What do you think are you hesitant to LOSE? Why are you holding on to this “thing”?