Music and the “Secular” World

Secular music is an illusionary label that people created to marginalize believers with a positive thing to say about society. Do you have an opinion about anything that is happening in your world? Take this, for example, you have an idea about the world around you, and you write a song about it on contemporary music. What’s wrong with that? We know that it is possible for the people in your local church who will condemn and criticize you for singing “secular” songs.  

It is an ugly picture when members from the church are sitting around the bandstand, passing comments about how you should win the match on the field. How should you have kicked the ball? Who should you have passed the ball to? These are all commentary. 

It’s straightforward to sit on a bandstand and make comments, but it takes a phenomenal amount of courage and character to get on the field and engage the enemy face-to-face. This is why players on the court are the ones who are getting paid to play, and the spectators from the stands are the ones who pay to see the action. Do you get what we mean? 

Financial Gain vs. Influence

 It’s not about the money. It’s about making an impact. God wants us to be on the court. He wants us on the field. He wants us to be part of the action, not just the spectators who pass around measures about other people. 

We respect those who dare to influence culture through the arts. What do we do? Instead of passing comments, be involved in the lives of people you know who are making a difference in this pillar of power. We try to be the “Mordecai in the life of those people who work as Insiders. We encourage them to pursue their career in the mainstream culture because they need our support as they try to overcome the education quadrant of society.  


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