Warfare and Hitting Enemy Territory

In the context of warfare, if you hit a pillar of power of the enemy, you will indeed cause them to go into a defensive mode. If you hit the mainstream, you will now meet principalities and powers. Until then, you haven’t met a principality or a power. Many of what we call principalities and powers are aches and pains.  

Paul’s message began to affect the culture. For some of you, your ministry should be in the marketplace. God designed you to influence culture, which is why you can’t eliminate your uncommon passion for art or music. God has placed this passion in your heart. Why? It’s because it is part of your assignment to enter that particular arena and begin turning a big ship.  

The sacred-secular divide has created within us a conflict. We are torn between our passion and interests and the faith we profess. I understand that we want to be faithful. But what about the innate passions and interests we have? 

The common questions we receive: “Am I allowed to make secular music?” What do we say to these people: “Brother, darkness is the absence of light. If all of us pulled out of what you call secular music, it would be even darker than it is right now.” There is no secular music if you are doing it for the Lord. The lyrics may not glorify God, but if you intend to become an Insider in that industry, go. Take courage and go.  


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