Be Where the Action Is

Let us be painfully honest here. We are engaged in a war, and it will not help anyone by sugarcoating everything. Most of the time, our reservations about Christians in secular spaces are based on total, 100% absolute, undiluted hypocrisy. We act as if we are above the fame and the wealth they have, but the moment they visit the church, would we question whatever this person has been doing in his life or the compromises he has made? When they make money, some of you will become their best friend and say, “Oh yeah, I know him.” 

And then some criticize everyone who goes into mainstream entertainment until it is their cousin or their child who pursues this career, and then they are beaming with pride at the success their family or friend has reached. God is funny sometimes, isn’t He? What will He do?  

Usually, God is going to make the son or daughter of the most religious and legalistic believers the most prominent icon on MTV and force them into a position wherein it is either condemn them and don’t take a penny, or you’re going to pray for them and graciously receive the tithe and the offering.  

Paul placed himself where the action is

Paul is at the university. He’s in college. Paul placed himself where the action was. He created a space within the university wherein the students would know the Lord’s Word. He’s surrounded by all of Ephesus’s philosophical, theological, cultural, and sociological diversity, but he’s teaching the concepts of God. People are hearing him. They’re being persuaded. It’s now affecting the culture.  

Specific battles we’ll never win until we are in education, which is why we say to parents, “You should be a school governor. You should apply for it. Get involved in your children’s education.” It goes beyond that. This is true for you, every facet through which information is disseminated through society. As Insiders, our job is to create open doors for the people to know the gospel. This is about sharing information or opening channels through which the data can flow.  


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