Individuals and groups, alike, experience problems. Whether you see yourself as a leader or not, you intend to address problems that come your way. We intend to change the situation into one that does not have to deal with problems. However, even as we do this, we find ourselves experiencing more of the same problems.

Once we solve a problem, another one shows up. Often times, as we try to fix problems, we do not experience expected results.  The reason why we are never problem-free is because the solutions we experienced only exist on a superficial level. There is something within us, a blind spot that is left untouched. This particular blind spot is often the perpetuator of the problem.


Zaffron and Logan (2009) tell us that for every problem, there is already a future that is already written about each of the problems we face in our subconscious. The future includes people’s assumptions, hopes, fears, resignation, cynicism, and even “lessons learned.” Even if most of us are unaware or in denial about this future, it is the context in which we try to create change for ourselves and for the groups we belong to.


When you ask a person what they really think will happen to them or to their organization, they live every moment as if it is destined to come about. One example of this is when an employee is reduced to going through the motions, never fully engaging in his company’s mission and vision, never taking on any politics that they believe is holding the company back. The context of their actions and their decisions is always based on a default future that they may or may not recognize.




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How do you see yourself rewriting the future?

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