Leadership & the Future

How do we create the future? How do we bring about transformation from a past that we find less than desirable? A lot of us experience problematic contexts that we need to change. Changing the context we have been used to living in is not as easy as it sounds. We have been used to living under a certain paradigm that shifting into a different “space” truly means moving out of our comfort zone.

Erhard et al. (2013) discussed about the concept of a leader and the leadership function in temporal domains. The leader existed in a temporal domain of a created future. This future is described as one that fulfills the concerns of relevant parties that the leader and those being led come to live into. This future is a product of their being and action in the present.


Werner and his colleagues talked about how the “future” is the domain by which the concepts of a leader and leadership exist. In fact, the future is fundamental to leadership. Think about it, without the concept of the future, why would there be a need for leaders? There must be a “future” that the leader is leading his followers to.


Werner et al. noted that in order to be effective in understanding how we  can fulfill our responsibility as leaders, there is a need to deconstruct your existing frame of reference for the future. You need a new frame; one that offers you with the kind of access to the future that allows you to have power. You need a frame of reference that enables you to create your future. In this discussion, let me just request what Werner and his colleagues requested of us, let us create for ourselves the possibility by which we can accept our discussion about the future without preconceived notions about it from our past understanding and learning.


Talking about the common frame of reference for the “future,” we can probably come up with different kinds of futures. This is true. There are different kinds of meanings to the term. It can refer to a goal one is working toward. It can be a hope or a dream you have. A future can also be a scenario that one fears or worries about; one intends to avoid. Werner et al. noted that one future that does not exist is one that is “certain”. Most of us can agree that the future is never certain. But how many of you believe that “the future always exists only as a possibility” (p. 566).



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What context have you set for yourself?