Invent a New Future

A lot of people take language as a means to describe the world that is out there—an unforetold reality of other people, of things, of the universe, and even of ourselves. We clearly say that I am this and that. It’s as though talking about ourselves as objects to be described and defined. But that doesn’t mean it’s inappropriate; it’s just one way of how we use language. Language doesn’t just have the property to describe, but as previously mentioned, language has the power to create. Through language, we create worlds into being, but not immediately as something that is real. Possibility, for example, does not originate as a reality in its beginning. Reality is something we create as real; eventually it turns into a reality.


What is out there—the reality, the conditions, and the circumstances of the future are things that are not considered facts just yet. They are still words that we include in our conversations. But, as long as that future is not yet today, we have a lot of room to alter those future circumstances. As we start a brand new conversation, of redeeming the negative words we say about our future, we begin to alter our future’s possibility.


Transformation is about inventing a future when other sees that there is no future. Life’s possibilities and actualities can change by starting to alter the words being spoken. This gives the freedom, the space to invent whatever is deemed possible. Acting and living according to the altered conversation, a group becomes inspired by supporting this newly created possibility to the point of articulating a future that even changes the way the present situation is viewed. And because people act in the way that is consistent with the future, that future is created; what was once impossible becomes possible.


Realizing that we live in the face of a possibility brings doubt and uncertainty that leaves us dreary about the future, making it overwhelming for us to look ahead—for possibility cannot be explained, fathomed, defined, or described. But as difficult as it may be for that possibility to turn out positive, it is at this stage when the same possibility leaves us that much room for us to exercise power and freedom to navigate through those unchartered territories and make it our own.



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What uncertainty do you want to overcome?

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