Sharing the Vision

Leaders exhibit a unique blend of charisma, vision, and a character that attracts people to follow them. They recognize the need to attract followers. And that is for them to share the vision, the dream, the direction that goes beyond what one sees written on mission and vision statements. Leadership’s vision is evident in the actions, beliefs, values, and goals of an organization’s leaders.

Leadership vision is powerful because people live that leadership vision every single day at work. Employees, for example, are not just creating things or rendering their talents and abilities to make the company earn some money but they play an important role in accomplishing an even greater task. It is the role of leaders to make them see the future that they are creating with what they do today. For example, an earth-friendly company whose vision is to keep electronic junk from piling up in landfills does so by re-using them.

What can bring transformation in the way an employee views what he does every working day is for leaders to make it clear what the company as a unit is trying to achieve. To its effect, employees will have a better understanding that they are not just processing things to make money for the company but they are also making the world a better place to live in. Or let’s say a company or an organization directly helps charitable institutions with a portion of what the company earns. Employees having known such a vision will understand that more than servicing for the company, they are helping millions of lives.

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