Leading a Group to the Created Future

In leadership, it is important to cast a vision that is existent even in language. Language is more than a medium of communicating what is at present; it can be a medium for creating a future. To create a future in language, a leader starts with verbalizing a vision, and making it present in dialogues and conversations. The heart of leadership in a sense is the ability to connect, to converse, and to discuss. Without this capacity, the lifeblood of leadership is ceased. A leader takes a group to an experience of what is possible the very  same way an artist gives us a different way of seeing a combination of colors on canvas.


In leadership, crafting changes that will reap its effect in the future are always started with an initiative of bringing that plan to life first by subjecting it to discussions.  A leader must be able, through conversations and discussions, to bring his group into the experience of what the vision speaks of. Without the capacity to bridge the present situations with that of the transformation that will take place, he cannot convince the group to shoot at the possibility.


Some of the prerequisites of a great leadership are courage, the ability to stand firmly, and the capacity to keenly observe how people decide and act, how they perform—things that are triggered by how they view the world. We are opening up new territories every time we invest ourselves in the future that we ourselves created.



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