Rebekah is preparing a new condition because she wants a new expression, or a new answer to an old problem. Some of you have old problems that need a new answer. The old answer in Rebekah’s situation would have been, “Esau, you are the first born, so you are to take on the lineage.” Rebekah knew the promise of God because she had received a  prophecy while the twin boys were in her womb. The prophetic word was that the older, Esau, would serve the younger, Jacob. She carried that prophecy within her and hollered when it was about to come forth. She called to the younger son, asking him to let her dress him. What are you dressing me for? I’m dressing you for the blessing. You arrived in this world grabbing your brother’s heel because you knew something in you was supposed to be first. You’re the wrong person, but you have the right feeling.


Some of you have been the wrong person. You might have been hired in a company  where people thought your skin was too dark for you to advance. When you walked into a particular room, maybe your hair was nappy, and maybe they said, “You’re too nappy to have this promoted position.” But you thought, “All right. I might be the wrong person, but I have the right feeling. Eventually, everyone in this office is going to catch up to the right feeling, and they’ll know who is supposed to be in charge.” You were the wrong person, but you had the right feeling, and now everyone is looking up to you.  Jacob was the wrong one according to Judaic law. If he and his father and brother had gone to court, the facts would have sent Jacob to prison for stealing. That’s why he said, “I would appear to be tricking him and would bring down a curse on myself rather than a blessing” (Genesis 27:12). But as I shared with you before, feeling is lord of facts.

Dress up for success. Will you wait until things fall into place before you’ll start feeling and acting prosperous? You say, “When I’m rich, I’ll give my tithes” or “When I have extra money, I’ll bless others.” Right. That’s why you’re not rich and that’s why you don’t have extra-money. It’s because you’re allowing the circumstance to dress you up, instead of the other way around.

Look at it as training. If you are faithful with the few, you’ll know how to handle many.

When you train yourself to operate like a wealthy person, then you have already prepared

yourself to be wealthy. Unless you are ready for a position, you are never promoted. In the workplace, most people are already doing the work of their supervisors, until the boss notices, and the boss says, “You know what, I’ll promote you, you’re doing supervisory tasks anyway.”


If you wait until you are promoted to do more, to give more, and to be more, then you’ll be waiting a long time.


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