Aren’t you so glad you are alive?

I am so glad that I am in the land of the living. When I speak of the land of the living, I am not referring to 310 Riverside Drive, New York City, or the sidewalk outside your home. This, experience called life, is the land of the living. Just because you are alive does not mean that you are living. There are millions of people walking around each day and they are the walking dead. They are breathing, but that does not mean they are living. They may be on life support.

Those that are truly living are enjoying life to the fullest. The truly living are not discouraged or depressed.  They know intuitively that life is what you make of it, and they are eagerly determined to create the life of their dreams.  Each day for the “living” is a most wondrous adventure, one to look forward to everyday.  Unlike the survivors, and the strugglers, the living souls create the life that they desire through the use of their imagination, understanding the purpose of profit, and knowing how repetition aids in the overall process of reaching their goals.


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What door of life are you knocking unto right now to be opened?

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