Is God Obsessed?

God is obsessed for only one thing, and that is to be believed. If you do not believe him, He will not hear you. Even Jesus, who is the Son of God, could do no mighty works in Nazareth, because in Nazareth the people did not believe him. If you cannot believe me, I cannot manifest for you. God has an obsession to be believed. That is a real distinction concerning the rich.  No matter where a person is spiritually, in terms of an outward expression of spirituality, the real deal concerning where a person is, comes down to their faith—their ability to believe unbelievable things. It really doesn’t matter what kind of business you choose to go into, you will need capital to start it or to keep it going.

The larger the business the more you’ll have to invest. And all business investments involve risk taking. Yet risk taking is actually one of the laws of thinking called the law of risk. The law of risk requires much faith. Not only does risks involve faith, it also involves thought.  And because everything operates from the inverse, you can declare without reservation that God is obsessed when I believe on Him.  Inversely,  when I believe on God I become obsessed with God’s obsession and within the mix of that perfect blend my riches are birthed. In my book, The Laws of Thinking: 20 Secrets to Using The Divine Power of Your Mind To Mani fest Prosperity, I speak of the faith-risk connection:


You need to live a life of faith, never pausing or hesitating.

You need to jump knowing there’s going to be a net there.

You need to set in motion what takes lots of money even though you don’t have an extra dollar in your pocket. Risk is about action, not consideration.



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