The Mother of Skill: Repetition

No matter which way you look at it, we are all in a business, and it is the business of getting rich. Some struggle along the way and never really learn how to master this system. Others become skilled at the art of increase, and seemingly everything they touch turns into gold. Then the most dangerous group, is the one that never really make it to riches nor do they ever quite experience the pangs of poverty. They are sort of in between.

They are neither hot nor cold. They are just lukewarm. The reason why this group is so dangerous is because they really do not have a real identity. And when you do not have an identity you never really fit in anywhere, and you don’t know what you should be committed to. The rich are committed to riches and wealth. The poor are committed to doing things, thinking thoughts, and saying words, that will keep them poor. The people in between don’t endorse poverty, and neither do they endorse riches.  I guess you can say they are a bit confused.  At any rate, you must be committed to something. And the rich, the God fearing people, are committed to profit. Knowing how to profit is not something that just comes naturally, you must learn to profit.

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What must you keep doing in order to master the art of increase?

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