Wealth is Passed Down

When you settle, you lack faith. When you have no faith, it’s a sin against God.


Also, since wealth takes so long to establish, the ones holding the wealth will make certain that whomever hands the wealth flows into are well educated on how to keep the wealth flowing and circulating for generations to come. Wealth is passed down. Wealth has to be taught over a period of time. And most poor people do not have the patience to learn long lessons.

Poor people want money now, quick and in a hurry.  They’ve always got pressing needs and concerns.  They are always in need of a miracle.  This is not necessarily all bad though.

Every person needs to start where they are. If you are wealthy, then obviously you have done the right things to afford you such status.  If you are poor, there is still hope. Your seed planted has the potential to interrupt the cycle of defeat and lack in your life.  Learning how to plant seeds when you are in need is really the beginning of learning about wealth systems.  Wealthy people plant seeds all of the time. That is why they are taken care of by the interest from the seeds that they’ve planted into various business investitures.

… Verily I say onto you, That this poor widow hath cast

more in, than all they which have cast into the treasury:


This poor widow no longer wanted to be a product of her surrounding or and low thought in the mind of the people of her day. She got a hold of a truth that would set her free.  She began to educate her mind and spirit to a newfound reality. Every seed has within it the ability to rapidly outgrow your present problem.  The only way that will happen though, is when you release it by faith.




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Are you withholding something God intended for you to pass on?

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