Why Can’t You Disciple the Poor

Poor people are always so focused on their need; they are not focused on future possibilities.

Let me tell you this, you can have a million dollars in your account, but you are still poor. Poverty is not measured by your bank account. It is measured by where your treasure is. It is defined by the mindset you have toward money.

Jesus calls unto his disciples and saith unto them. . . One of the reasons why many poor people are poor is because they are not teachable, which is why I say you cannot disciple the poor. They do not make good discipleship material. You may say, “Bishop that’s unfair for you to say that about the poor people of the world.”  I never said that it was fair it’s just true.


The poor cannot be good disciples, particularly as it concerns wealth and freedom because poor people are always so focused on their need; they are not focused on future possibilities.  They are always focused on the present, getting their immediate needs met, that they do not have time to implement generational thinking. God’s entire kingdom system and wealth system is all about generations.  Wealth is transferred.  Wealth is not mistakenly lost.  You may loose money from time to time through speculative investments or through mere ignorance. But wealth is rarely loss. Wealth takes time in order to establish, often hundreds of years.  So that type of investment is usually guarded very well.


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Are you poor?