Transformation and Renewal of the Mind

In order to be transformed, my mind must be renewed.  You and I both enjoy pleasures. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s how we were created. If we were not supposed to enjoy these pleasures, God would not have designed our minds to recognize pleasure. God experiences pleasure too. He is pleased with our faith and obedience. Pleasure becomes wrong and even sinful in our lives when we forget to please God first.


If you give God pleasure then all of your pleasures will be taken care of, guaranteed. You ask, “How does God get pleasure out of my life?”  If I live holy, will that give God pleasure?  If you live holy that will give you pleasure.  A separated consecrated lifestyle benefits you, not God.  God is already holy. Your holiness doesn’t affect him one-way or the other. He is holy regardless of whether or not you jump on the holy bandwagon. Holiness is a benefit to you, a safety mechanism, and a way of being positively identified. However, what gives God pleasure is your prosperity.

Let them shout for joy and be glad that favored my righteous cause. Ye, let them say continually, let the Lord be magnified, which have pleasure in the prosperity of his servants. It’s really simple; when you are prosperous the Lord has pleasure. When you are not prosperous, he does not have any pleasure. I want to ask this question. “Did you give God pleasure so far this year?”  You thought you were giving him pleasure because you were at the altar saying, “Thank you, Jesus”.

He does not have pleasure in that alone. God has pleasure when you can take creative ideas and begin to prosper in it. God has pleasure when you are able to flip money. If you cannot flip money, you are not a faithful servant. If you cannot turn money, flip money, make money, you are not exemplifying the qualities of our creative God.  You may be faithful to coming to work and loyal to the job. But if you cannot create profit, then you are unfaithful in God’s eyes. In fact, He calls you, a wicked servant, because you are unproductive.


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Challenge: Identify any unproductive areas in your life right now.