You are Body, Soul, and Mind

Three motives to live for. You live for the body, you live for the soul, and you live for the mind. God created these different facets in your life. You cannot focus on one and neglect the others.


Of these three motives, not one is better or holier than the other. All are desirable and none of the three, body, mind or soul, can live fully without the others living out their optimal expression. So, therefore, I need my body to express, in this realm and on this plain, all that I want to be, do, and have. I need the soul, which is the feeling of my desire, I need the mind to be empowered to become.


So, I need all three of these, and I live for all three of these. I take care of my body because my body has got to be reflective of this experience, or the vehicle that carries me into this experience.I have to feed my mind with right thoughts, so that my body does not become crippled from debilitating thought patterns. I have to make sure my mind is magnetized with the right substance, so it magnetizes the right things in my life, and not feed me the wrong experiences. My soul blesses the Lord, but in order for me to be transformed, my mind must be renewed. My mind cannot be removed it must be renewed.

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Is there a facet in your being that you are sorely neglecting today? What can you do to address that?

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