The key to unlocking this infinite supply is the unfolding of consciousness. That means God is revealing. God is disclosing Itself to us as indivisible Consciousness, but revealing, unfolding, and disclosing Itself to us as individual consciousness.

Therefore, aligning with God is an individual matter and must be attained through individual effort.

That means attaining it through your effort, whoever is reading this. Success will only come about in proportion to attaining some measure of spiritual consciousness.

What is Spiritual Consciousness?

According to Goldsmith, spiritual consciousness is that state of consciousness from which world beliefs have disappeared in some measure.[i] Spiritual consciousness, or in other words, Christ consciousness, is the state of consciousness that no longer reacts to things in the outer, physical realm.

We are infinite spiritual consciousness. We are the law unto our own experiences. Nothing external can have power or jurisdiction over you, nothing existing in the finite, material world. We, as spiritual consciousness, are the law unto every effect. This is why when we love, hate, or fear something in the external world, we are fooled into falling back into a state of mortal consciousness.

In our material world, people seek money and sex more often than any other earthly thing. These two things are often interchangeable in the capitalistic, secular world. This mortal consciousness puts its faith in money, while spiritual consciousness puts no faith in it.

Spiritual consciousness knows the true nature of supply. As Goldsmith puts it,

Supply is my individual consciousness. It is God consciousness individualized as me. Regardless of what my need may seem to be, whether it is a dollar bill or a yacht, it must unfold from the infinity of my own consciousness. Therefore, I take no thought either for a dollar bill or for a yacht.[ii]

This is the attitude that we must learn to adopt as we align with our spiritual consciousness, and it is precisely this attitude that we must practice until our infinite supply manifests in our reality.

[i] Joel S. Goldsmith, Consciousness Unfolding (Simon and Schuster, 2013).

[ii] Goldsmith, 6.

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