The Science of Favor 

The Power of Favor

Favor comes with a promotion. The science of favor is defined as the circumstance in which God informs others’ beliefs about you. When God influences the people around you to treat you better than you deserve or in an unexpected way, this is referred to as God’s favor upon you. When people see you differently than they see your peers, God has revealed something about you to them that they cannot see in others. God’s love and protection over those who call on His Name is the source of this supernatural grace.

God does not require you to have the approval of everyone. He will not work in this manner. God has a plan! Does he engage in unnecessary activities? Instead, God will influence critical people to see in you what others do not. These key individuals will be the key to your future.

Consider this: “Whoever does not know me does not need to know me.” God is deliberate. When you understand this principle, you can rest assured that it is acceptable for people to overlook or reject you. God is already preparing people who will be able to see you and help you advance.

Personal Application 

1. What is your life’s pattern and the spiritual principle it reveals?

2. What promise does God make if you obey your experiences’ principle?

3. Are you “pitted”? Does this pit lead to the palace?


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