How does God fit into Politics? Part 2

The bravest and most muscular men took over the government and overthrew the tyrant. The Bible shows that this is true (1-2 Kings, 1-2 Chronicles).  Luke 11 was talking about this, wasn’t it?

Polybius saw the failure coming, as well as the political cycle that kept going with its mindless revolution. he said: “The constitution will change its name to the one which sounds the most imposing of all, that of freedom and democracy, but its nature to that which is the worst of all, that is the rule of the mob.” 

Duigon (2006) posed this question: “What would Polybius think of our consumerist, materialist society, its intense partisanship, its politics of personal destruction, and it is pluralistic, ‘offend no one,’ all-inclusive civil religion?”  

For Polybius, there was a political cycle. As Christians, it’s easy to see that if the people and their leaders don’t obey God and His laws, nothing will hold them back. There is a political cycle because humans have fallen and are full of sin. Humans aren’t perfect, so they can’t make perfect permanent governments.

The state’s power and glory shall pass away, but God’s Word shall not pass away. 

Most people think that there is no way to clean up or fix the world of politics. They believe it is not religious. Let me repeat this. They can’t find anything in this world that is holy. But unlike Polybius, we have the Bible and God’s promise that He will write the laws on our hearts. We know that we don’t have to get caught up in politics.

God needs you to be an “Insider” in the “palace” because of this cycle of politics that seems never to end. God can also use you to put this system back together. God’s Kingdom is not a part of the government like the Roman civil religion (Duigon, 2006). The power and glory of the state will end, but God’s Word will last forever (Mark 13:31).


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