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The Prophetic Word from the Book of Revelations

The New Testament prophet John wrote about a voice from coming from God’s throne, giving him a picture of the future and prophetic word. The same apostle also had the same encounter with God in the next verses. There is authority from the throne of God. With full authority, the author proclaimed, “For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.”

Based on this passage, we can take home four important points about the “spirit of prophecy” and “the prophetic word”. Jesus proclaimed an authoritative testimony and we must take notice. The voice in John’s vision speaks about Christ’s testimony — which refers to the testimonies given by Jesus or the testimony of believers about him. Mostly, we can observe how the “spirit of prophecy” causes believers to speak a word of testimony about Jesus.

We can observe how the “spirit of prophecy” causes believers to speak a word of testimony about Jesus.

Jesus preached (Lk. 4:43) about the kingdom of God. During his ministry on earth, he dealt with many aspects of this subject. He spoke of both redemption and of judgment. Those who believed in Jesus would be redeemed, while those who did not believe would face the harsh judgment of spiritual death. In addition to what Christ said, the entire life, death, and resurrection of Jesus proclaimed the truth of God.

The message of Jesus has an unmatched influence on humanity. Everyone everywhere must face the claims of the Son of God — it’s inevitable. Each of us has a choice to make, whether we accept or reject this message. The “spirit of prophecy” inspires us to make this significant choice, as we are called and predestined to be children of God.

Believers in Christ are witnesses of him. The “spirit of prophecy” causes us to proclaim the truth to people everywhere. It is this spirit that causes us to do this in a more powerful way, which is more intense and more effective than human capability. Every believer in Christ is called to witness. Our words and our lives tell the story of how Christ redeemed our lives.

Our lives give evidence to the transforming work of Christ who is the way, the truth, the prophetic word,  and the life. Sometimes, the witness of believers triggers opposition and persecution. Many people, today, face persecution and death because of “the testimony of Jesus.”

However, they keep proclaiming this by the power of the Holy Spirit. They can be bold and fearless in prophesying about the return of Christ because of this grace.

The main function of the Holy Spirit is to bear witness to Jesus. The Spirit does this by empowering believers to speak.


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In every area of life, feedback from others is fundamentally needed to help us grow and develop our gifts and skills. There is a saying that goes, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions!” This is also true concerning our spiritual gifts of prophecy and discernment. At the end of the day, if we don’t know how to improve and sharpen our spiritual gifts — and the manner in which we use them — we will not reach our truest potential. It’s not that we are the source of these gifts, but it is that we’re the stewards of these gifts that we seek to grow them.

It’s not that we are the source of these gifts, but it is that we’re the stewards of these gifts that we seek to grow them.

Feedback is important because when we recognize and acknowledge our blind spots, we are able to address them. We can never identify our own blind spots. Moreover, we also learn from the wisdom of others who are already ahead of us on the journey. Our ability to communicate clearly to others what God has spoken to us is sharpened when we receive feedback from elder prophets. Moreover, Godly feedback provides confirmation of our prophetic insight, which benefits us and those to whom we are ministering.

Through feedback, we can assess the degree to which the ministry is helpful. You can also ensure that there is no gap — or misunderstanding — between what you have heard from God (regarding His heart and purposes for a person or for a situation), and what the person has actually received and understood through your prophetic word.

Ministry feedback can come from the following people:

  • A person you share a prophetic insight with;
  • A leader, pastor, or spiritual overseer in the situation you are ministering in;
  • A mentor or fellow team member.

What are the benefits of ministry feedback you’ve personally experienced and how did it help you grow?

Do you have fears or anxieties with regards to receiving feedback or constructive criticism from prophetic leaders, senior pastors, or fellow prophets? What are they?


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Appreciating God’s Time

1Man’s history shows how time was used. Time equates to progress. Long ago, man’s first means of transportation was his own two feet; the mode of transportation: walking. Man explored the world first by walking: either in solitude or in groups. Few miles and kilometers were traversed in days.

Now, more than ever, people are breathlessly rushing from one point to the other, from pursuit to pursuit, from one thing to another thing. People of today get so caught up with the activities and things that flood them on a daily basis that the urgency and pressure they experience can easily be felt and recognized, as words or phrases like ‘priority’ and ‘pressing matters’ frequently manifest even in their most casual conversations.

In Ecclesiastes 3, Solomon seems to contemplate on the dynamics of time. He started this chapter with the realization that ‘there is a time for everything’. This seemingly implies that no amount of ‘rushing’ can quicken the occurrence of things; that unless God determines it to be so, it will not be. Even the most coincidental is part of God’s plans; that everything has a purpose and every purpose has its own time.

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Seeing the Big Picture

1When God gives you your prophetic destiny, it doesn’t fulfill itself overnight. He reveals these to us according to His perfect timing. He is described to reveal chapters of our life story or a particular area of activity. God can speak about our ultimate ministry, but he will not tell about the process of the trials and the ministries that He will have, for the meantime.

Joseph experienced this. He had prophetic dreams; however, when he revealed these dreams to his brothers, they did not receive it well. The personal prophecy was that he would rule over his brothers.

However, Joseph did not foresee that he would be sold into slavery. God did not tell him the problems he will have with Potiphar’s wife, or that he would spend a significant period of time in prison. It would take a number of years to pass by before Joseph is able to see the bigger picture that God had intended for His life. The same is true for Abraham, David, and many others in the story.

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Enlighten your career choices through Prophecy

1How do you approach your goals? What are your career goals at this point? What you is your reason behind pursuing your career? Recall the many reasons why you started your job in the first place. There might have been many childhood influences and experiences throughout life that have lead you to do what you currently find yourself doing. But in the end it all boils down to whether or not you are happy where you are.

The Lord has given everyone an opportunity to develop themselves. Life is an opportunity to grow and develop the person that God has made you to be. In terms of career, people are usually happiest when they can express themselves most comfortably. Your career is what you will eventually spend most of your time and energy on. Given that it must be something that aligns with your values, develops you as a person and brings you the right amount of income. This balance is difficult to find when you there are so many choices to make and distractions to avoid.

Bishop Jordan, the Master Prophet tells us that Prophecy is the way to a much fuller life. If you seek to examine your current career choices in the context of God’s will, a Free Prophecy is something that you can venture into. Through a Free Prophecy you can find a deeper meaning in the events of your life and your career. If you seek to be happy, you must do it in Christ. Seek the words of prophets like Bishop Jordan in order to bring happiness into your career and inspire you to be passionate about your goals. CLICK HERE!

You Are a Piece of the Puzzle

1You have to remember that you were here from the very beginning of time. Have you ever put a jigsaw puzzle together and got to the end and discovered there was a piece missing? You had this beautiful picture, yet there was a piece missing that would make it complete.

That is what God created when he created you, a perfect piece of the puzzle. Your little piece is so important to the overall plan of God. In order for a person to transform his/her negative image of God, he/she must first develop self-acceptance. Once you understand that you were here from the very beginning, the transformation process begins. Let your personal prophecy reveal the beauty that is within you.

Jeremiah 1:5 says, “Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee, and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee…” God knew you before you were formed in your mother’s womb, and while you were in there He ordained you to be a prophet, a teacher, an engineer, etc. The divine order is always in order. It is never out of order.

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Stop Living in Fear, Talk to a Prophet

11-3 “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. Whosoever therefore resisteth the power resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation. For rulers are not terrors to good works, but to the evil…”

Romans 13:1-3

A ruler is a terror to evil work. If you fear your leader that may be a sign that there is evil in you, unresolved issues within yourself that you have not faced. These unresolved issues produce fear. For example, if you were driving on the highway doing the speed limit, you should not fear a police officer who is driving behind you. However, you may say to yourself, “My lights are on. I have my license and registration.” You are almost waiting for them to stop and check you; you know you were doing the speed limit because you had the cruise control. You think to yourself, “There is no way he can cite me for anything.” On the other hand, if you were speeding, you would have a problem with the officer stopping you. Now, you are fearful. If you serve your mentor out of fear, it reveals that evil is in your heart. It exposes the intent (Romans. 13: 3-4).

What is currently in your heart? Are you fearing something? Let the prophet help you get rid of this burden. Master Prophet Bernard Jordan and his school of prophets can reveal God’s plans for your life and encourage you to live a life without fear, without guilt, because you know you’re living accordingly to His purpose.

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Experience Enlightenment About Yourself with Your Free Prophecy


And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28, NIV

Do not allow other people dictate the person that you should be. Be happy with the person that you are today. If you look closely, there are probably a million things that you can be grateful for. You only need to embrace the life that was given to you. The more you love yourself, the more you can relate with and follow through with your vocation.

Do not let hurtful words and discouraging events let you think badly about yourself. Everybody is unique. You are blessed with your own set of capabilities. For example, your sister might be known for her brains, but you might be blessed with more athletic features.

Do not hate yourself because you are different from the people around you.We are all special beings that God wishes the best for. Embrace the person that God made you to be and appreciate the life that you have. If you are unable to accept yourself for who you are, you will not be able to follow a higher calling.

Learn to accept yourself because God made you that way. Let your personal prophecy show you how God specifically designed you for a purpose! The power of prophecy will help you understand God’s plan and destiny for your life.

The Power of Forgiveness

Are we someone who has suffered emotionally and physically at the hands of others? Have emotion such bitterness, revenge, anger, resentment and hate entered our hearts and mind? And have we filled with an unforgiving spirit?

The Unforgiveness can be a hidden culprit. It can make us a prisoner within our self.  And an unforgiving spirit lives inside us; it is not bothering those who have wronged us? They have gone on their way. But, still holding onto something that has taken control of our thoughts, words and action. It eats away at us just like a poisonous cancer, and we will find our self bound, with no peace and in the reality we are punishing our self.

Bishop Jordan believes that to forgive in our own power becomes futile, it is because our hearts must first be cleansed of all that the things that unforgiveness creates. And only God can make it happen. God laid it down His life and shed His blood to give us the gift of salvation and clean up our hearts. And through Him there is freedom and victory.

Choosing to forgive is a choice of our will, when we make that choice our hearts is then open and ready for the Lord’s cleansing. By not choosing to forgive is also a choice of our will, but the door of our hearts is then shut down and God will does not do His cleansing work.

“Come unto me, all you that labor and are heavy laden and I will give rest.”(Mathew 11:28)

Are You Growing In the Right Environment?

1When you plant a seed, it either grows beautifully or dries up and dies. This is because how a plant grows and develops completely relies on where it is planted and its environment.

A weed is a seed in the wrong place. A weed can be a rose seed that is planted in an orange grove. Roses are beautiful when they are in their own arrangement. But if the rose seed gets over into an orange grove because somebody wanted to see roses and oranges grow together, the rose seed will start to choke out the orange seed because it doesn’t belong in that environment. The orange seed contaminates the environment, and the seed is not able to grow properly.

The reason you are in the situation that you are in is because you have a seed that is a good seed, but it is in the wrong environment, and the time capsule has broken. It is time for that thing to be born. That seed is looking for sunshine in New York, and you have it somewhere in California sitting. So it is just cracking your cement. And you wonder why the foundation of your house is coming apart. You have your seed in the wrong environment. When you have your seed growing in the wrong spot it will cripple your condition. A seed in the wrong area becomes a destructive force.

Grow your seed in the right place and your personal prophecy can help you do so. Let the Word of God be your guide to know where you should be planting your seeds! Receive your free prophecy today by clicking here.