Seeing the Big Picture

1When God gives you your prophetic destiny, it doesn’t fulfill itself overnight. He reveals these to us according to His perfect timing. He is described to reveal chapters of our life story or a particular area of activity. God can speak about our ultimate ministry, but he will not tell about the process of the trials and the ministries that He will have, for the meantime.

Joseph experienced this. He had prophetic dreams; however, when he revealed these dreams to his brothers, they did not receive it well. The personal prophecy was that he would rule over his brothers.

However, Joseph did not foresee that he would be sold into slavery. God did not tell him the problems he will have with Potiphar’s wife, or that he would spend a significant period of time in prison. It would take a number of years to pass by before Joseph is able to see the bigger picture that God had intended for His life. The same is true for Abraham, David, and many others in the story.

See the bigger picture in God’s time and enjoy your journey with Him, receive God’s prophecy and speak to a prophet today. Click here for your free prophecy today.

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