Stop Living in Fear, Talk to a Prophet

11-3 “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. Whosoever therefore resisteth the power resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation. For rulers are not terrors to good works, but to the evil…”

Romans 13:1-3

A ruler is a terror to evil work. If you fear your leader that may be a sign that there is evil in you, unresolved issues within yourself that you have not faced. These unresolved issues produce fear. For example, if you were driving on the highway doing the speed limit, you should not fear a police officer who is driving behind you. However, you may say to yourself, “My lights are on. I have my license and registration.” You are almost waiting for them to stop and check you; you know you were doing the speed limit because you had the cruise control. You think to yourself, “There is no way he can cite me for anything.” On the other hand, if you were speeding, you would have a problem with the officer stopping you. Now, you are fearful. If you serve your mentor out of fear, it reveals that evil is in your heart. It exposes the intent (Romans. 13: 3-4).

What is currently in your heart? Are you fearing something? Let the prophet help you get rid of this burden. Master Prophet Bernard Jordan and his school of prophets can reveal God’s plans for your life and encourage you to live a life without fear, without guilt, because you know you’re living accordingly to His purpose.

Click here to receive your free prophecy and experience the power of prophecy working in your life today.

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  1. Ronah
    Ronah says:

    Hello I’m Ronah,I just needful dance because I feel like I’ve lost modivation,I’m hurt from a past romantic relationship. My parents are forcing me to study a major I don’t agree on. I need to know what God wants from me

    • William Joseph
      William Joseph says:

      He already told you what he wants. In These two commandments is the entire Law and prophets fulfilled. Love your neighbor as yourself, and the LORD your GOD with all your heart mind soul and strength.
      Proverbs 3 : 6
      In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

  2. LaDarrielle Stewart
    LaDarrielle Stewart says:

    I need a word from God. With my finances and also I was in a 10 year relationship with my children father. I want to know if he is the man God wants for me. I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I pray that it is revealed to me through your ministry in JESUS MIGHTY NAME! My father!

    • Sondra Mondragon
      Sondra Mondragon says:

      God is a god amongst men, his sorrow and actual pain and drunken trembles are accompanied by the trumpet blowing non stop every time someone dies, the bible is a desperate plea for us to recognize that he needs you, woman to save us and him. Amongst a 1000 men he tried to find just one woman in the men, god created man upright and could find no woman. Gods covenant has been forgotten and broken, he clearly states over and over how badly he is waiting to be fed for free in all the corner markets, eat from food left unplucked from fields but yet he gets nothing mainly. Reading that woman have to do this one by ourselves BC man has done tried is too impactful. Believe it read any bible, when a man sleeps with another woman which he is not married to than he is committing adultery witch you will committ taking him back, god states he is husband to woman, look for him. Finances, he is starving, cold now, thirsty, gaping wounds, heartaches, skin the color of bruise, purple hair, sobbing crying for the trumpet to stop, stuck, decayed throne, heart ache, shakes like a man without drink, he takes all we do to yourself and find comfort in, he’s trying to feel the great we feel that detours us from finding him. After he cried, he ate his hand, had no comforter, you please find where he has two hands in bible, only one hand and one arm extended. Very sad and sorrowful, our only demise should be we haven’t felt sorrow for him. That’s a cry out to have someone feel sorry for you. That’s repent, feel sorrow for him.

    • William Joseph
      William Joseph says:

      As far as your finances, pay your tithes, and remember Matthew 6 : 33
      Seek the kingdom of God FIRST, and he will add everything else that you need.
      As for your children’s father, it seems a bit late to second guess. Weather he is the one or not, seems to me, he’s the one your staying with

  3. Pamela. Perry
    Pamela. Perry says:

    I need to know why I keep going through the same situation over and over and I’m really trying to come to God and live according to his plan

    • William Joseph
      William Joseph says:

      Insanity; is trying the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. If you want to get close to GOD, than you will. When you search for me with all your heart, is when you’ll find me

  4. selena smith
    selena smith says:

    Thank you so much for your site. I am really discouraged and fearful. See I left the US to be with my husband but now I may have tto go back because of lack of money. I didn’t want to leaveh I’m. He has an old record so it’s not easy for him to come to the US to visit me. I struggled for a long time that God wanted to separate us. Also, I want to know if God will allow us to be together and have one child. I don’t feel Godw ants us to have a child. I don’t want to go back to America alone. Please, Selena

  5. Jade Monet Brasley
    Jade Monet Brasley says:

    I am getting out of an abusive relationship with a guy who hindered my growth process. Am I going to go back with Adam Wallace? How long am I going to live in a homeless shelter. Is my dad Ankoma Taplet ever going to support me? How so? Or will my dad ever let me move in with him? How will I get financially supported during this time? Will I have any friends a long the way? Any fun?

    Are me and Adam Wallace ever forever? Even as friends?

    • Jane Knight
      Jane Knight says:

      Jade it is time for you to grow up and support yourself. You are asking for a man to support you( a stranger) anf to move into his house with his wife and kids and you havr never lived with this man a day in your life. Also why are you continuously calling this man your dad according to your birth certificate under the father section it reads unknown so who told you Ankoma Taplet was your dad. I wish you the best in your life but it is time for you to stop being so dependent on others and grow up. God Bless you.

  6. Miriam Nkomo
    Miriam Nkomo says:

    I am a 26/7 year old woman with only one child. I need another child and it seems not possible because of the family planning method that I was using. I really need help please in the name of Jesus

  7. MATSHEDISO Marope
    MATSHEDISO Marope says:

    I am a qualified teacher,I can’t find a job I have been applying for over a year now.please help me i am so stressed that I am so is boring

  8. Tameka
    Tameka says:

    Girl if he didn’t love you enough to marry you after 10 YEARS! He ain’t the man for you. Stop worrying about him unless your kids are involved. Worry about yourself and you kids. Let the negativity out of your life so God can bring you blessings!

  9. Sharnelia Jones
    Sharnelia Jones says:

    I would like prayer to be able to conceive again 5 1/2 years ago I had my tubes tied aND clipped was told by doctors I will never be able to have anymore children again I believe and faith in God that he will bless me and my husband with a little girl I have regretted having it done since idk what to do please help me to understand

  10. Alex
    Alex says:

    Im struggling alot in places i shouldn’t. I just have a lot going on and I’m lost because of that I’m holding myself back from love and living myself the right way.

  11. Noel
    Noel says:

    I am stuck in my life. I am completely messed up.

    I have a dream which I wish to use it for the grace of God. I have many talents but I feel I am stuck I am not able to use it. My education my work, I feel like everything is going as waste of time and everything.. Kindly tel me what I should do

  12. Annie
    Annie says:

    I need aword from God and finances,i grew up with unhappy because of financial problem,i want to open charity home but the problem is finances,i belive in your ministry,Amen!

  13. Lashunda
    Lashunda says:

    I need a word I’m lost confused seems like I’m stuck in the same place in life not moving forward many things attack me and my seeds I need prayer for my marriage my family our finances and my son in jail

  14. Diane Smedes
    Diane Smedes says:

    My nursing career seems to be over I am getting attacked by the nursing staff and the teacher. I just feel awful I am somewhat depressed I just do not know anymor.e The teacher is grading me unfairly and getting away with it I am getting bullied in college too. All this stuff is happening at once I do not understand. I been in school for a total of 24 years. I am ready to give up.

  15. ione Pendley
    ione Pendley says:

    I need help, if you are a prophet of God you should know what to tell me……but i really need direction

  16. refilwe
    refilwe says:

    I need a word of god I have so many problems in my life that I can’t handle it is giving me stress please help me

  17. schools
    schools says:

    I I need a word gfrom the Lord I want to leave my current church an go and do what God wants me to do I’m feeling stagnant and dry at the moment but I need to make sure that’s what God wants me to do

  18. Cherri
    Cherri says:

    I need a word from God I’m in need for guidance and understanding as well as clarify. I need a word spoken over my life present and future. This man I dated for 6 mos. is he the man for me he and I connect so well o felt that this man was my soul mate then 4/30 he disappeared w/o no reason no phone call left me in limbo….My finances aren’t the best Wat can I do to change my situation ? I work in a plant but I’m not happy my passion was once upon a time was owning my boutique will I ever have that or something similar again to take care of my two kids. I do Hv a friend that recently connected with he is God fearing goes to church and a lover of God but not sure Wat the connection is we talkin the phone but Hv yet to go on our first date . Hv so many obstacles I’m battling right now I’m trying to clean the clutter out of my home (body & soul) I truly need help I’m out here lost I’ve been having crazy dreams one showing I’m trap within myself . The second dream was about the 2nd guy that is God fearing he and I was walking at first I couldn’t see cuz my vision was so foggy that yet we kept walking and talking and the more we walk the pathway became clear and I could see we were walking on a path in a park alongside the water Wat does that mean?

  19. Andrew Toering
    Andrew Toering says:

    I am at the lowest point of my life. I was hoping to have a prophet tell me of how to come to God and if I still can.

  20. Andrew Toering
    Andrew Toering says:

    I am at the lowest point of my life. I was hoping to have a prophet tell me of how to come to God and if I still can.

  21. john otiato
    john otiato says:

    Prophet, am stranded, I have worked for 10yrs but gained nothing to show. I have a feeling that am running away from the voice of God, God wants me to serve that’s why am coilling around employment,people call pastor, apostle, prophet, but there is fear in me,,I fear to stand before, to serve in general, I can’t explaining this,,God showed me a pastor who will train me,in a dream 6yrfeaaes ago,,but feaaproachar made me not to approach the pastor, up to confused, is God punishing me bcoz of disobedience,, I need help

  22. Nikki J Locke
    Nikki J Locke says:

    I just need to know why am i going through life like this when will i be happy again what does God want from me.

  23. Sandra
    Sandra says:

    Hi,I need to change my life.Im tired of struggling.Please I need God to open doors for me.The devil is a liar.I know my God will make a way for me.

  24. Kellee brown
    Kellee brown says:

    Am in need of your incouraging words and pray pastor am in a relationship we plan,to get marreid to come in chruch every time we try thing come up am i doing the right thing, is this men god want for me?? Please for your answer

  25. Sonya
    Sonya says:


    As a young child God gave me vision in my dream to see things, but because of what he showed me I cried and pray for him to take it away because i just didn’t want to see or know. Now that I am much older I want the gift back because I feel like I am in a better state of mind to do his will, or is it gone forever?

  26. Jacob
    Jacob says:

    I need a prayer for stolen glory to be restore back to me in jesus name, and i also pray to get a better woman as my wife.

  27. shirley
    shirley says:

    Hello, my name is Shirley. I would like to join the discussion. Just needing to talk. Answers to my prayers. Guidance . Bless you. Thank you

  28. Marilyn Hann
    Marilyn Hann says:

    I feel like i am all alone at times it seems as know one understand me sometime I feel so empty and rejected in my church I don’t know what do do in this season. I feel so lonely even through I spend quality time with God

  29. Sama Roland
    Sama Roland says:

    pleas i need you to help me ask God to talk to me in any form even in my dreams. My life sewms to be turning around for bad. Contact me pls

  30. Brittany Hornick
    Brittany Hornick says:


    I feel stuck currently and I’m not quite sure what path to take. A lot of things are holding me back, but I’m not quite sure what exactly.

  31. neelam gathiya
    neelam gathiya says:

    please pray for my husband sachin. i want a prophetic voice for our life and our business. please pray for God direction

  32. Michelle Smith
    Michelle Smith says:

    I think i have a calling to be a prophet. There are somethings restraining me from walking in my God calling destiny. I suffer from anxiety and i don’t know why. I have gotten messages from God that i delivered and has come to past, but i am suffering from this anxiety. I have prayed about it.

  33. Shane
    Shane says:

    I need help…I need to serve the God of Abraham,the God of Isaac,the God of Jacob with all my mind,heart,soul,strength,desires,will and intentions.Please help me to faithfully Seek first the Kingdom of God!!!

  34. Tess
    Tess says:

    Where is the God of Elijah, Paul… where is the power that brought Jesus from the death? Where is the power of God? I was 5months pregnant of my first baby and my water broke suddenly without any pain or contraction I was told at the ER that there was no water left around the baby and no mucus plug that they had to induce me to avoid me catching any affection, that’s how despite all my prayers call on Jesus , I lost my baby boy two weeks ago. Now another battle again when I was 5 weeks pregnant I was told that I had some fibroids in my uterus and with the pregnancy those fibroids have grown so big that I might have to remove them if I want another baby, so I might go to surgery with less chance after surgery to have babies cause of high risk of early placenta eruption. I am devastated, sometimes I don’t even have to strength to wake up in the morning. Loosing my boy first and dealing with fibroids. I am just wondering where is the power of God? Do God ear my cries?

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    Holley says:

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