Settling is a Sin

When you settle, you lack faith. When you have no faith, it’s a sin against God.

So, if there is a power to get wealth, you cannot be a giver until you get the power to get. You must have the power to get, in consciousness, before you can give in your reality. Let’s look at the law of being rich. Life is development. The purpose of nature is for the advancement and the unfolding of life. Every man should have all that can contribute to the power, to the elegance, to the beauty, to the richness of life. To be content with less is sinful.

Any time you are learning to live without, you have missed the mark. To be content with less is sinful. If I am going to be content without having, then I am literally living and dwelling in sin, because it is God’s will, or the will of the Father, for me to live in abundance. It is the will of the Father for me to have abundance, and to be abundant. Anything outside of His will misses the intended mark for His creation.


No man can rise to his greatest possible height and talent, or soul development, unless she or she has plenty of money.

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What lies about settling for something less have you prescribed to in the past?