Money is ENERGY

Why is money so powerful? Because money is energy. The energy of money is directed by the collective consciousness of the community. I dare you to start believing money is energy. I say, “I dare you” because once you believe, change will take place. Are you ready for the money you want to come into your life? We aren’t always prepared to have our thoughts manifest, and I see money trying to come to you in a never-ending cycle of increase and enjoyment as soon as you are able to start believing.

As humanity has become less and less connected to the Divine, we have put more and more of our attention into money. Making money, giving money, spending money, and hoarding money. Money is no longer a link or a connection with, or an expression of, the Divine. In many people’s minds, money has replaced God. Instead of dedicating money to the Divine, we have made money itself sacred to the point where we are worshipping it as the divine. You have to love money in divine order, because if you’re not careful, you’ll discover money has the power to create, and you’ll begin to worship it. When you do, money will start having you instead of you having it. When it has you, you cease to give it and start to hoard it in one way or another, whether it’s by saving and saving and giving nothing, or by buying more and more things.


Giving is proof that you have conquered greed. If you can give your money away, it doesn’t have power over you. It’s important to put money in the proper perspective so you don’t become controlled by it, possessed by it, and see your life ruined by it. You should never reach the point when you call money “evil”; if you do, you are not loving money in divine order.


When you give your tithe, the Lord pays attention. Jesus talked significantly about giving and money in the Bible because he knows that a person who cannot give — the person who cannot part with his wealth — is not serious about God. God pays attention to the person who is faithful with his tithes and offering, to the person who is generous, to the person who can sacrifice his wealth for God’s glory, because He knows this person truly worships Him. How do you know who is your God? Look at how you’re spending most of your money; where your money goes represent what’s most important to you.



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How much have you given to the church? How much have you given to the needy? How much have you sown into the Kingdom of God? Can you compare that to how much you’ve spent on luxuries like trips, gadgets, or even dining out?