Enlightenment and Finances

Honoring the Memory of the Late Reverend Dr. Frederick Eikerenkoetter


Enlightenment has a way of moving us away from the dogmas we had previously held onto. Organized religion should be designed to free the soul, but instead it tends to bind it. Some people were shocked by Reverend Ike’s death. I wasn’t. He would often say to me, “Son, I’m leaving here.” I’d say, “Reverend, you’re fine. You’re healthy. You run three miles every day.” He would say, “I’m gone. I’m leaving this for you kids.” When I protested that we still needed him, he would say, “I’ve had enough on this side.”

Reverend Ike retired from this experience because he wanted another experience. This life is but a single experience, and to retire is to retire from an experience. And then you go in to your next experience. Reverend Ike couldn’t find anything else he wanted to experience on this physical plane and felt within his own consciousness he had reached a pinnacle. He had been able to be what he wanted to be, to have what he wanted to have, and to do what he wanted to do. He had mastered all there was for him to master, and it was time to move on.

Once you’re able to be what you want to be, do what you want to do, and have what you want to have, there’s nothing new left to experience.  With his permission, I am passing on Revered Ike’s teachings.  We can learn from Reverend Ike in our own quest to find satisfaction and contentment in the world. We live in a monetized society that we get so consumed by temporal things.

We are always wanting for more that it places us in a rat race. What Reverend Ike experienced before his death makes us realize, in this side of heaven, we are limited. Money is limited. Satisfaction is limited. Growth is limited. Life is limited. But the riches of God’s glory as Philippians 4:19 reveals to us — this is eternal, limitless, and boundless. It is this kind of riches that Rev. Ike was  ready for and it is the lesson we take away from his life — the pursuit of the eternal.


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