Like Father like Son

1Bishop Bernard Jordan, the most trusted name in Prophecy and the Master Prophet, has introduced his own son into the world of Prophecy. Like his father, Manasseh Jordan seeks to bring Prophecy into the hearts and minds of people all around the world. Because of his young age not only can he relate and resonate better with the youth but his immersion into the life of a Prophet is a symbol of a new generation accepting and living the word of God.

He was trained by his father as well as Benny Hinn. Bishop Jordan’s Son was exposed to the ways of Prophecy at a very young age. With his father being a skilled Prophet it was almost inevitable that he would be blessed with the same gift. This young prophet has given talks and seminars to crowds of people. His enthusiastic nature and way with words has inspired many to live their lives my fully in the name of Christ.

Bishop Jordan’s Son speaks the Word of God as the “Young Prophet”. He actually began his ministry at the tender age of eight years old. This goes to prove that the Power of Prophecy resides internally within God’s chosen Prophets. At any age, the Lord can summon you to bring the Word of God to people.

As Manasseh Jordan grew up he began to grow in wisdom. He sought to learn more about his prophetic gift by training under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. He is known today to have the unique gift of motivating people to look past their current situation and see the great potential within themselves. CLICK HERE!