Be kind to your neighbor

1How do you approach the people around you? Are you the type of person that greets everybody with a smile or are you a grumpy fellow that finds it difficult to throw out a compliment? Bringing positivity into your life is easier that you think. All you have to do is seek to be kind because in fact kindness does go a long way. Have you ever experienced having a bad day and having it brighten up with just a single smile from a stranger? Or did you ever wonder why simple acts of sharing had such an impact in the lives of people? The world today, with all its technology and all its distractions has somehow convinced itself that there is no time to do good when in fact it barely takes a minute.

Try and smile more when you meet strangers and see how they react to you. Being kind is free, simple and easy and the more kindness you release in the world the more you bring people towards a more human world. We see the status of current issues through Prophecy News. These news bits explain the world in terms of the prophetic and spiritual values.

Prophecy news reminds us that we must take care of the relationships that we form today. Inject kindness into your community and allow that culture to grow. When the world starts to think as one we can start to see real change. Go out and seek the words of a Prophet and get your life oriented towards your mission in Christ. Through Prophecy we can all begin to live the life that God has planned for us. The revolution stars with you. Spread the simple value of kindness and be an agent of good changes. Through Prophecy we can come together and realize the value of our everyday actions. That’s the Power of Prophecy. CLICK HERE!

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