Your Conscience teaches you Obedience

Obedience is living a life with respect for the rules. The simplest rule God has for us is to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. However throughout your life you will be tempted to bend the rules. Your conscience is your moral compass that helps you avoid sin.

Doing Wrong

We can commit minor sins in life or major ones. No matter what we do, when we choose to do something wrong we will feel it. Your conscience is God’s inner tracking system and when you choose to sin you will feel it when your conscience begins to eat away at you. The closer you are to God the stronger that tracking system remains. The farther you live from God the more it fades. That is why for many it becomes easier and easier to walk down the path of sin. The less faith you have in God the easier it becomes to do wrong. Your conscience is missing its inner beacon which is faith.

Telling Your Self it’s Okay

It is also easy to convince yourself a small sin is okay. This makes it easier to live with your self. But your conscience is what helps you make the right choices and learn the importance of being obedient. Memorizing the 10 commandments can help you remember how God wants you to live and how living this way can make you happy. Peace of mind is easy when you are obedient. Once you convince your self it is okay to take a little money out of the till at work, or steal a kiss with your neighbor’s husband it becomes easier to take a lot of money out of the till or jump into bed with your neighbor’s husband. Telling your self a little sin is okay does nothing more than make it easier to commit more sin. Each sin takes you further from God, but God is always willing to offer his love when you want to make your way back to him. Master Prophet E. Bernard Jordan can help you find your way back to God. He can provide you with a personal prophecy that shows you God knows you are good and wants you to follow a path that will bring you back to him with a conscience that wipes the slate clean to do good.cropped-banner9.png