Inner Conversations

We are in conversation with ourselves most of the time. We converse with our inner selves about what is going well, what is not, what others think, what we think, what we feel, the what ifs, the how-abouts, and so on. There is a voiceover in our heads, a running stream of thinking. It is not necessarily bad. It is just that we never really get to hear what we should hear, because of the inner voice inside our heads.

We listen only through the filter of what agrees with the inner voice in our heads. This so-called inner voice is a subtle, but pervasive presence. It causes us to miss out on the full possibility of the communication. Have you ever found yourself talking on the phone, while you are talking to someone in person? While you can carry out a conversation with two people at the same time, your attention and understanding for each conversation is divided. There is a huge possibility that you would miss out, not just on the verbal communication, but mostly especially the non-verbal cues as well.

Our conversations constitute who we are, and when we know that, it

shifts our relationship to the world, the way we define ourselves—

not merely in the way we think about ourselves, but in the actual

experience of who we are. Language is inseparable from who we

are, and what gives us access to the full panoply of being human—

of creativity, of love, of resolution, of achievement, of contribution.

It’s the home, the only home, of possibility. (Zraik, 2013)




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