A Whole New World

As the leaders generate those kinds of futures, it is almost always beyond what anyone can fulfill individually. This is why there is power in the group. The vision of a new possibility is fulfilled in the commitment and coordinated action of the group. Collective action is the foundation for an expanded possibility (Zaffron, 2013).

It takes courage to be a leader. It is common for a leader to face being thwarted. However, a leader takes the stand for the new future, even when it is only a possibility, not yet a reality, and even when it exists only in our language. Imagine yourself in the shoes (sandals) of these prophets. They are prophesying about a future that is described to be completely different from what the audience has experienced in the past and in their present.

The courage of these prophets to declare new possibilities is definitive of their leadership strength. With every word, there is meaning. Language gives the world its meaning. Our speaking impacts the world to match our words. The reality, conditions, and circumstances of the future do not exist in facts. Instead, they exist only as products of the conversations we are having. Language becomes a fundamental access to fulfilling what matters, what is important, and what is possible (Zaffron, 2013).


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Ask God for a vision of a new future that you can take a part of creating.