How Should You Respond?

What can you do during the season of testing? Does it give you the license to sulk, to be depressed, or to curse God? How you respond to this season is important. No matter what you’ve done, what people have done to you, or what the enemy has done against you, God is in control, He is good, and He is able to work all things for the good of His purposes (Rom. 8:28).


What must a believer do in the face of disappointment, disaster, and despair? Believe in the power of the cross. The Holy Spirit comes to dwell in your spirit. Do not quench or silence His voice. He confirms your relationship with God. He comforts you, and He leads you into all truth (Rom. 8:16, Jn. 14:16–17 and 16:13).

Dear friends, don’t be surprised by the terrible

things happening to you. The trouble you are

having has come to test you. So don’t feel as

if something strange were happening to you.

Instead, be joyful that you are taking part in

Christ’s sufferings. Then you will have even more

joy when Christ returns in glory. (1 Peter 4:12–13).


Experience the Power of Prophecy  as a gift to open your mind to receive the Mind of Christ.