The Account of Obadiah: How God Can Move in Politics

God placed a devout believer in the palace. 

Obadiah was present in the royal residence. God had predestined him to hold the position of palace administrator. He is described as having served as a governor or a high official in Ahab’s palace in some accounts. Someone who was devoted to God was put in charge of the palace. What exactly was the point of having this placement? Obadiah was stationed in the palace to stop Queen Jezebel’s destructive behavior and to safeguard the prophets of God.

Obadiah’s role

Obadiah shielded the prophets from Jezebel’s anger while they were living through the time of the drought. He hid one hundred prophets in two caves, fifty in each cave, and provided food and water for them so that Jezebel would not be able to kill them. This prevented Jezebel from carrying out her plan to destroy the prophets.

One day, the king had him brought before him and charged him with the mission of traversing the land and visiting all of the springs and valleys to locate some grass that would prevent their horses and mules from expiring. Ahab went in the opposite direction, and he was tasked with searching a particular portion of the land that belonged to him.

Elijah came across Obadiah while the latter was out looking for grass. As soon as the official realized who he was, he dropped to his knees out of respect for the prophet. Elijah issued a command to him, telling him to inform the king that he had returned. Obadiah was troubled about Elijah’s well-being. He saw it as the way to bring about his demise.

Obadiah was aware that Ahab was scouring the land in search of Elijah. He was well aware that if he told the king that Elijah was present but the king could not locate him, the king would order Obadiah’s execution. Elijah assured Ahab that he would present himself to him on the day in question (1 Kings 18:15).


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