God promotes

The promotion comes from God. 

How many of you are waiting, or maybe, tired and waiting for your promotion to come? Perhaps this promotion is not yet there because you are looking at the wrong source for it. Your earthly boss may seem like the one who will evaluate your performance. He may seem like the one you will want to promote. 

God will be the One to create the vacancy for you to occupy.  

 Ultimately, promotion comes from God. Psalm 75:6-7 says, “For promotion cometh neither from the east, west, or south. God judges: He brings one down, He exalts another.”  On the other hand, your boss can overlook you all he wants, but when God says it is time for your promotion, it will be time for your promotion. God will be the One to create the vacancy for you to occupy.  

The Bible says God is the Judge. Likewise, God is the One who decides who will be promoted and who will be overlooked. Why don’t you look to the Lord to understand when you are promoted, how you are promoted, and where you are promoted? Do you believe God is the sole source of the promotion? Looking to men for advancement will be futile.

It can be too easy to sulk about how your boss has promoted people who had less tenure than you.

Change your perspective

Meanwhile, you think to yourself, “This is such a dead-end job! What is the use of giving it my best?” As an Insider, you need to change your perspective.  

Rather than resenting your position, look at it and think about why God has not promoted you yet. As an Insider, what is your purpose in this particular position?  

Moreover, aside from looking to the wrong source for promotion, it’s possible that you haven’t been promoted yet because you haven’t completed your mission in that position entirely. What does God want you to accomplish in this position?

Promotion may come in many areas of life. It may come from the ministry. Perhaps, you experience promotion through marriage. Furthermore, it may even manifest itself in the form of favor in personal and professional relationships. At the core of the issue is that whatever happens, we must recognize how promotion comes from God alone.  

God desires for you to be promoted

Therefore, God desires for you to be promoted. In the same vein, He desires you to walk in the pathway of the promotions He has prepared for you. He has a purpose and a destiny for your lives, and He wants us to enter it. 


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