Ministry is Beyond “Church Work”

MaybeSaints do the work of the ministry. What we call the “ministry” is a tool for equipping saints for the work of the ministry.  Do not limit your perspective of what “ministry” is all about. When a pastor preaches on Sunday, that is ministry. When you encourage an officemate who is suffering from depression, that is also a ministry. 

Ministry is not limited to Sunday tasks in the church.  In fact, our ministry, as Bishops, is actually for equipping and furnishing you for the ministry. The work of the ministry is what saints do. If you are a believer of Jesus, then you are a saint.   

Our role as pastors will be pointless if we don’t have a ministry. 

In the past, we thought the work of the ministry again was ecclesiastical functions. There are ecclesiastical functions, including the pastor’s job to preach, lead, and counsel. Our work may be to pastor the church. This is our ministry. This ministry is for you. However, without your ministry, I’m pointless. Our role as pastors will be meaningless if we don’t have a ministry. What is the point of equipping the Body of Christ if the Body of Christ would not move to ministry to their sphere of influence? Our role as your pastor is to prepare you to be Insiders.  

Your ministry transcends what you do in a church. It goes beyond what you do to serve God on Sundays.  Your ministry is your career.  

Now imagine this scenario, you’ve gotten into the system, and you’re making money. Maybe, you’re doing so well. However, you have forgotten why you came to the kingdom. Finally, Mordecai had to remind Queen Esther why she was in the palace in the first place. 

If you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this? (Esther 14:14). 

When you are connected with other saints, you can be reminded through a prophetic voice that can still rebuke you even when you aren’t successful. You are so far behind enemy lines that no one can rebuke you. You have moved from a secret agent to a double agent. Esther was in too deep her uncle, who understood the prophetic purpose of her profession, kept her in check. Mordecai kept Esther close so he could warn her, counsel her, and guide her. You never lose your connection with your prophetic voice.  

Ask God to give you a sense of what God requires from you in that profession. 

You never lose your connection with a spiritual leader. Esther was paid to be the wife of a pagan king, but she was made to intercept the enemy’s plan.  

What’s your real job? What is your covenant with God?  Your real job may be to intercept, it may be to inspire, and it may be to influence. You got to understand that I’m paid to do this, but my real job is to inspire, influence, or intercept this, according to God’s purposes. Ask God to give you a sense of what God requires from you in that profession. You have to be faithful to your covenant with God regarding your calling.  

Personal Application 

  1. Have you committed yourself to God regarding your calling?  
  1. How are you honoring your covenant calling? 
  1. What do you think is the purpose God has for your position in your current job? 


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