Eliminating the Sacred-Secular Divide 

There is Nothing “Secular” in this World

We are making an unconscious effort to categorize two types of actions: 1) The Sacred and 2) The Secular. The sacred acts are activities that give us satisfaction and security in knowing that we are pleasing God. These sacred acts are typically described as prayer, Bible reading, singing praise and worship, volunteering in church, and attending Sunday services. These are acts that usually stem directly from faith. These acts are also viewed as having no direct relation to this world and would have no meaning unless faith shows us another world, a house that is not made with hands and is eternal in the heavens (2 Corinthians 5:1).

 On the other hand, Secular acts encompass all of life’s ordinary activities. These mundane acts include eating, sleeping, working, and tending to the earthly body’s needs. When we perform these routine tasks, we are overcome with deep frustration. We tell ourselves that a better day is coming when we won’t have to worry about world events.

Secularism is a Myth

Comparing the two types of activities is known as the sacred-secular divide. However, did you know that secularism is a myth? This schism has no basis in the New Testament.

A.W. Tozer cited the life of Jesus Christ as the perfect example of why this divide does not exist. Jesus led a unified life. He did not live a “secular” or “sacred” life. The Messiah gave his entire life to God, from birth to death on the cross. Tozer emphasized that Jesus made no distinction between the various acts he performed.

Christian hip-hop artist Lecrae stated, “We’re still stuck in the reality that everything is divided in two and that if you go too far here, you’ll get messed up. There is a sacred-secular schism that prevents us from having an impact on culture.” How should we influence the culture in which we live? How do we perceive the workplace in which we work? In the words of Jesus, “the one who sent me is with me; he has not left me alone, for I always do what pleases him” (John 8:29).


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