The First and Last Stage of the Career Mandate Cycle

The Sabbath is one of the stages that make up the Career Mandate’s various stages. If there is a cycle to your professional calling, the Sabbath is the final stage of the process before you return to your workplace and begin working again. If you are currently employed or own a business, it is important to remember that the Career Mandate is not fulfilled if you do not include the Sabbath in the planning and execution process.

As an unemployed person, on the other hand, keep in mind that you must first complete your work before you can enjoy and observe the Sabbath. It may not be paid work at first, and you may be providing volunteer support for a cause or for an organization, but make use of your free time to accomplish something worthwhile. Make a positive contribution to the system. Finally, by keeping your Sabbath holy, you can return God’s glory to him.

Personal Application 

  1. Are you keeping your Sabbath holy?
  2. If you are not keeping your Sabbath holy, what are you doing on your Sabbath?
  3. Are you in a prolonged period wherein you are not working? What is the impact of this in your life?

Points to Ponder On 

  • By way of the Creation account, God was revealing to us how our professional mission must unfold over the course of time.
  • Observing the Sabbath demonstrates our dedication to the cause. It demonstrates where we place our trust.
  • God grants us the ability to be productive in the six days that we have set aside for work in order to honor him.
  • Get up and get to work. If you have to, volunteer your time.
  • The devil assigns work to idle hands in order to keep them busy. He places thoughts in the minds of those who are idle. He puts words in the mouths of those who are idle.


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